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COVID-19 announcement

Masks are advised for physio appointments.  Please also wear a mask if you have been a COVID close contact within the last 5 days, or if you have had COVID and are within 5 days following your COVID isolation. Please contact the clinic to rebook your appointment if you have any COVID- like symptoms. Further information can be found at

To assist with hygiene, please BYO towel to physio and pilates sessions.


My Physio and Pilates is dedicated to optimizing individual health. I can give you the time you require in your physio consult, and I can design any kind of rehab or exercise program to help you with your goals.


Pilates/group physio programs can be tailor made for your personal requirements. It's a great way to rehab so Join a class and have some fun!

148 Junction Road Morningside
  • Back and Neck pain

  • ​Arthritis

  • sports or work injury rehab​

  • Medicare plans

  • ​Childrens physio

  • ​Pregnancy

  • ​Pain Management

  • ​pre or post op rehabilitation

  • Family healthcare

  • ​cardio pulmonary rehab

  • ​Women's Health Services

  • Elderly physio and pilates​

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